European Building Expert

About European Building Expert (EurBE)

The AEEBC objective is to create a Europe wide qualification and common title that will gain increasing recognition by regulating authorities and organisations, thus helping to promote cross border recognition and the free movement of professionals across Europe.

What Is EurBE?

EurBE is a European recognition scheme for construction and building professionals.

EurBE provides an opportunity for suitably qualified professionals from across Europe to achieve European recognition and accreditation alongside their national qualification. The professional designation “EurBE” is awarded to candidates who meet the experience and competence requirements of the AEEBC. Applicants are assessed firstly by an AEEBC National Monitoring Committee in the country in which they operate and secondly by an AEEBC European Monitoring Committee.

Professionals who are awarded EurBE will be recognised as having met the AEEBC common European wide threshold standards required of a Building Expert. All individual members of the professional institutions and associations that make up the principal members of the AEEBC are eligible to apply. Assessment is based on academic qualifications, professional experience and commitment to comply with the AEEBC Code of Conduct and Ethics.

The AEEBC goal is that the common title “European Building Expert” will help overcome the confusion of titles amongst building and construction professionals fulfilling similar roles. Professionals with titles such as building surveyor, building engineer, construction engineer, constructing architect, technical architect, architectural technologist etc will be able to demonstrate a common technical comparability and rally under the “European Building Expert” umbrella to demonstrate their profession in a Pan-European context.

Construction professionals who go through the AEEBC assessment process and are awarded the EurBE recognition are subscribing to a European ideal which is expected to achieve broader acceptance over time. The whole question of recognition and European harmonisation is complex, nevertheless the AEEBC is an organisation which many believe is leading the way in demonstrating professional capability while cutting unnecessary bureaucracy by finding practical ways to promote recognition and mobility, particularly across its principal membership (professional associations), with continuing success.

AEEBC Accredited European Building Experts will need to have the same pioneering spirit of the AEEBC but for a nominal annual fee they will benefit from the acquisition of a common recognised European title, membership of a pan-European professional association, access to a European network of like minded competent professionals and be able to clearly demonstrate that they have satisfied the threshold standards at a European level.


  • Minimum standard organisations must comply with the EU First General Directive
  • Membership of an AEEBC principal member organization
  • Comprehensive knowledge about:
    a) the profession as a building expert
    b) construction technology, standards, and regulations
    c) building pathology and maintenance
    d) the science and quality of building materials
  • General knowledge and appreciation of:
    e) building and property law, including safety health & welfare
    f) economics and cost and financial management
  • Knowledge and application of:
    g) structural design, analysis and geotechnology
    h) building and urban design
    i) project management and co-ordination
  • Commitment to comply with EurBE Code of Conduct and Ethics


EurBE professionals also become EurBE members of the AEEBC. This gives you access to information and network opportunities across the European construction and building sectors. The annual membership fee is €50, first fee to be paid on the first day of January following the year of accreditation (joining). The initial application and assessment fee is €140 to be paid before the final submission of your application as directed in the EurBE Portal. Successful applications are valid for 5 years. You are encouraged to make your application as soon as possible. The Realex payment system accepts all major credit cards and is a safe and secure payment system.

Please note your application fee will not be refunded if your application is referred and a further fee will be required for any subsequent re-submission. You should therefore read the guidance carefully to ensure you meet the basic criteria before lodging your application.

To apply, you will have to give appropriate information about yourself demonstrating your capability and suitability to become a EurBE member, i.e. contact details etc. The information is for internal use of AEEBC, your name will be visible on a list of EurBE members on a public web page and in making the application you consent to your name appearing in the public domain.

For more information please contact Martin Russell Croucher by email